Stay with an Indian family in the mountains, on the beach, or in Kerala’s beautiful backwaters or combine all of them for a unique Indian holiday. Live with a fishermen community or stay with a yoga master’s family. Rent a private house on the beach, in the mountains, or in the backwaters for weekly or monthly stays. Spend a few nights or your honeymoon in a Red Indian tepee. Stay on a tea, coffee, or spice estate or live on an Indian farm – the opportunities are endless.

For the guest Stay India opens the opportunity to not only experience true Indian hospitality but also to get insight into Indian homes and family structures and become a part of them.

Homestay in family

Big hotels are often run by international hotel chains or investors from outside, and the local population hardly profits from them. Stay India aims at supporting local communities by arranging private stays in the area of choice thus generating an extra income for locals and poorer communities. Sometimes it is a delicate balance to provide an extra income but without encouraging involved families to drastically change their lifestyles, for example by quitting their regular jobs to only offer homestays. Part of our eco tourism policy is low impact on the involved communities and sustainability for them to reduce harmful aspects of tourism. Our concern is to master that delicate balance.

Rates start at only 7 €/ US$ 11 per night including food and accommodation. There are special weekly and monthly rates. Please contact us for more information.

 Do you have any questions?  We are happy to help you :    contact@experience-india.de