Our Women and Tribal Empowerment Project
in Kerala

We run a women empowerment program in north Kerala employing local women from poorer backgrounds thus generating a source of income for them and their families.

The women receive training in the manufacturing of our products, and then produce the products. We provide the materials and know-how used. Often they can work from their homes and then deliver the finished products, which they are compensated for at rates far above local average. Working from their homes allows the employed women to generate an income while being able to attend to their households and families.

Furthermore, we empower tribal communities of the Western Ghats Mountains by marketing their products at fair trade rates, e.g. vetivert oil and pure forest honey. The bee wax we use for our candles, cosmetic products, and medicines is also supplied by tribal communities of the Western Ghats, for which they receive above average rates from us.

Products Manufactured under Our Women and Tribal Empowerment Project

The following products are manufactured under our women and tribal empowerment project and can be purchased directly from us.

Herbal Dye Cotton Wear Products
Good Karma Candles / Sensual Bee Wax Candles
Tantric Eyeliner
Vetivert Oil
Handmade Ayurvedic Soap
Pure Forest Honey
Aphrodisiac Pasta
Bio Yoga Mats
Tepees (Red Indian Tents)
Power Kites


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