Explore the best of India’s exciting southwest in a unique, interaction and activity-based way.


Southwest India is an ancient, incredibly diverse and multi-cultural area of the subcontinent with its unique customs and traditions, its rich culture and welcoming people; from the tropical, lush lowlands with their winding backwaters, rice paddies, palm-fringed pristine beaches to the refreshing hill stations, jungles, wildlife sanctuaries, tea and spice plantations of the Western Ghats mountains.
Discover some or all of these treasures in a package full of hands-on activities and opportunities for inter-cultural exchange strictly following an eco tourism concept of low impact and sustainability to preserve India’s natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

May it be yoga, Kerala’s art of cooking, Indian classical dance or a jungle adventure, Mother India welcomes you to have a taste of her full natural and cultural splendours. Most courses can be combined for a more individualised program.

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