Our programmes mainly take place in three southwest Indian districts: Kannur and Wayanad in Kerala, and Coorg in Karnataka.
Since the Western Ghats mountain range with peaks up to 2700m runs parallel close to southwest India’s coastline, tropical beaches, jungle, backwaters and scenic mountains are never far apart in this pristine region, which adds to its diverse charm and traditional splendours.
Rich local culture, friendly people, thriving traditions and abundant natural resources make this region a good place to visit or live.


Not only is Kannur the name of the district, but once again also of the district capital, called Cannanore under British rule. Kannur is a historical town at the Malabar Coast, already mentioned in Marco Polo’s travel reports as “a great emporia of spice trade”. Kannur district is flanked by the Western Ghats mountains in the east and the Lakshadweep Sea in the west. It has a long coastline interspersed with many rivers, coconut fringed clean beaches and beautiful backwaters. The district is rich in natural resources and has a flourishing traditional handloom industry. It is also the centre for production of cashew nuts, rice, tiles, and plywood. Kannur has contributed immensely to the cultural, religious, political and industrial heritage of the State. It is an important centre of various colourful folk arts and folk music of Kerala.
Kannur (also called Cannanore) is located in north Kerala, South India; about 350 km west of Bangalore, 120 km south of Mangalore, and 90 km north of Calicut (also called Kozhikode). The nearest airport is in Calicut. Kannur is one of the important railway stations in South India with trains to/from Mangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Calicut or Cochin (also called Kochi). There are daily overnight buses to/from Bangalore and frequent buses to/from almost every major town in South India. The exact meeting point will be mentioned in the info sheets.


Wayanad district, nestled amidst the majestic mountains of the Western Ghats, is known for its pristine beauty. Extensive jungle covers this mountainous region providing habitat for most of India’s exotic wildlife. The district is set in a peculiar and unique geographical position. Nature has blessed this part of Kerala with mist-clad mountains and verdant valleys. Besides plantation crops such as pepper, cardamom, coffee, spices and other condiments, rice is the most important agricultural produce. The characteristic features of the district are the presence of large numbers of tribals or Adivasis and its wildlife sanctuaries.
Wayanad district is located in north Kerala, South India; about 70km east of Calicut. The nearest airport is in Calicut (also called Kozhikode). Nearest railheads are in Kannur and Calicut with trains to/from Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore, or Cochin (also called Kochi). From Kannur (also called Cannanore) or Calicut there are frequent local buses to Wayanad. There are also buses from Mysore or Bangalore. The exact meeting point will be mentioned in the info sheets.


Mountainous Coorg district, also called “Little Scotland of India”, is known for its natural beauty, coffee estate culture and deliciously cool climate compared to the coastal areas. It resembles that of a hill station.

Coorg district is in the state of Karnataka, South India; 250 km west of Bangalore. The nearest international airport is in Bangalore. There are numerous buses to Coorg from Kerala, Mysore, or Bangalore. The exact meeting point will be mentioned in the info sheets.


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