We expect all Experience India participants to have read and understood the info sheet. The info sheet will contain the exact course/project details as per each course/project, information on the meeting point and other guidelines. The info sheets shall be sent three weeks before the camp starts, at the latest.

Coming to India, you are going to experience a culture that is entirely different from your own, not only in the apparent, visible aspects, but also in depth, in values, in the belief system and perception of the world. Be open to this experience. It is an incredible opportunity to not only learn about an exotic culture but also about yourself and very precious. Always try to remain open-minded and be ready to expect the unexpected.

We are trying to give you a beautiful memorable experience of a life time and ask of you to co-operate with Experience India at all times for your own benefit.

You could be the first western person the Indian community encounters, so people don’t only see you as an individual, but also as the “prototype” of a westerner. Their perception of westerners, created and influenced by the media, may not be correct, generalising, judging, twisted and prejudiced, just as the other way round you might have an incorrect, generalised, judging, twisted and prejudiced concept of Indians. You can learn from each other and correct stereotypes on both sides to increase understanding between your cultures. Be aware that in many cases you are an ambassador of western culture and the western world. Live up to it.

Your behavior and dress code should be cultural sensitive, especially while in rural areas.

Adjust to the way of life in the course or project and surroundings. Realize that the living conditions are many times different from those at home (no warm water/air-conditioning, climatic conditions, access to international phone or internet, easy transportation at all times, mosquitoes…etc).

Show initiative and be creative in your course/project. Ideas for the course/project, discussions, excursions, and free time are expected to come from you and the group. Share your thoughts and ideas!

Being with Experience India means that you are part of a community of participants from all over the world.  Only with their daily enthusiasm, initiative, and the will to improve the project, the lifestyle and the learning that comes can this be a worthwhile experience. We learn by doing, only by taking initiatives and therefore sometimes making mistakes. It is part of the process. We learn.

The social contact in the course/project is at least as important as the content itself. Respect for the local environment is expected at all times.
Take an active interest in your surroundings and fellow human beings, no matter whether they are from East or West. Bridge gaps and grab the chance to become a bigger person and contribute to making this world a better place to live. By coming to India you have made a good choice.
Understand that quite a bit of time will be spent with local people who do not speak English (very well). Make an effort in trying to communicate in the local language; this shows your interest. We will provide you with a list of basic vocabulary of the local language. Use it. It will open hearts.


 Do you have any questions?  We are happy to help you :    contact@experience-india.de